CBRN Workshop, Brussels 9th – 10th November 2010

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CBRN Workshop, Brussels 9th – 10th November 2010 Empty CBRN Workshop, Brussels 9th – 10th November 2010

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“Workshop on Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Security Research”
This first FP7 CBRN workshop organised by the European Commission (DG ENTR) was focused on 3 objectives:
Session 1: 'The evolving/new European dimension of CBRN research', inviting relevant EC services and the EDA to share their own links and interest with FP7 CBRN research. All major activities dealing with CBRN research at the Commission as well as at other EU institutions including the EDA were presented. There is an urgent need for better coordination and concentration of R&D efforts.
Session 2: 'How do we ensure that end users engage fully with those carrying out the research?', enhancing the challenging link between CBRN operators (demand side) and beneficiaries (supply side). The second session addressed the involvement of end users in projects addressing CBRNE detection, identification and forensics as well as protection equipment, medical counter-measures & decontamination.
Session 3: 'FP7 CBRN Demonstration programme: The way ahead.' defining a roadmap for a large research demonstration programme on CBRN, in conjunction with the 2 ongoing feasibility projects DECOTESSC1 and CBRNEMAP . The third session looked at the implementation of the pending FP7 CBRN Demonstration Program.
Identified gaps in the security supply chain:
Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) showed urgent need for improvements (more secure – esp. bromide, chlorine gas - and comfortable, longer autonomy & mobility, better air conditioning and communication head-sets, easier container handling during forensic collection);
Strong need for suitable evacuation equipment and vehicles for use in CBRN contaminated areas;
Request for better modelling systems (CBRNE release follow-on);
Test effectiveness of mass decontamination should be evidence-based. Presently there is no consensus about specific procedures;
How clean is clean? Need for procedures and systems to define acceptable risk levels (Ex: when should a site be declared clean after decontamination?)
Reduce time for solutions / product development and use.
Several valuable contacts were made and will be used when organizing future SecureCHAINS fora (selection of speakers for presentations).


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