IMCOSEC Workshop, Berlin - 13th December 2010

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IMCOSEC Workshop, Berlin - 13th December 2010 Empty IMCOSEC Workshop, Berlin - 13th December 2010

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IMprove the supply chain for COntainer transport and integrated SECurity simultaneously
The IMCOSEC project (“Improve the supply chain for Container transport and integrated Security simultaneously”) objective is to identify and characterize gaps in freight transportation security and logistics benefits. The project started on 1 April 2010 should identify processes and technology to increase supply chain resilience from port to hinterland. Focus is on containers and ILUs (Intermodal Load Units: ISO containers, swap bodies and semi-trailers) across a broad range of transport modes. The aim is to create a Strategic Road Map, demonstrating the opportunities provided and challenges posed by an enhanced, integrated level of supply chain security in preparation of a future large scale demonstration project.
Objective of this third public workshop was to perform a gap analysis (WP4 of the project) for the identification of suitable technologies and methods to improve the supply chain with the participation of invited experts and stakeholders.
Aim should not be to achieve as much security as possible but as much as needed, suitable and acceptable. Prime goal of the exercise should be to reduce the costs of security and define minimum standards for all involved stakeholders. Definition of gaps in the supply chain is not easy due to the following reasons: - no holistic view of the whole chain - various supply chains with huge variations - various threats - numerous opportunities for attacks -etc.
After a presentation of the project the participants discussed different categories of gaps with the help of questionnaires to be complemented:
Overall gaps: Fragmentation and unbalance responsibility & impact, Human factor
Dedicated gaps: Theft & Smuggling
Each gap was divided in five subcategories which were successively discussed: Organization / Competences & Resources / Workflow and procedures / Technologies / Planning and performance measurement.
The general question to answer by the participants was: How to reduce the problems?
The freight transportation community is unfortunately not considering loss of security as important enough yet. Reason is that it is most of the time not clear who will lose money if it happens. Safety is taken far more seriously.
The final project workshop will take place in Brussels on Feb. 24th 2011 with a presentation of a roadmap to recommend research requirements and form of demonstration to improve the supply chain.


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