SecureCHAINS event: Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010

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SecureCHAINS event: Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010 Empty SecureCHAINS event: Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010

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SecureCHAINS Forum part of Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010
Identify SMEs, capable in filling the gaps in the European Security Technology Supply Chains.


Tuesday 5th October 14:30 - 16:00 h
SecureCHAINS: SMEs access to European security research and development
1. Introduction, Juergen K. von der Lippe, vdlconsult, Hannover.
2. The SecureChains project, Miguel Sousa General Director, INOVA+, Portugal.
3. The Enterprise Europe Network, Marco Andres, ZENIT GmbH, Mülheim.
4. Funding Experience of a Small German Company in the Field of Gas Detection, Dr. Andreas Walte, Airsense Analytics GmbH, Schwerin.

Wednesday 6th October 14:30 - 16:30 h
SecureCHAINS, a dialogue between technology supply and need.
1. Emerging Exploitation -Technologies with focus on Sensor-data Evaluation, Markus Müller, Fraunhofer, IOSB, Karlsruhe.
2. Air Transport Security technology needs. Torben Hecker,NCAS National Competence Center Aviation Security Research, Darmstadt.
3. Dealing with maritime security processes - A new modeling approach, Gina Linkmann, Fraunhofer, FKIE, Wachtberg.
4. The Need to observe Human Factors in Security Technology, Ulrich Dünnes, Security Training International, STI, Wiesbaden.
5. EEN and SecureCHAINS service for follow on. Marco Andres, Zenit GmbH, Mülheim, and Dr. Jean Cornier, vdlconsult, Hannover.


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