SecureCHAINS event: SecureCHAINS Forum as part of Essen Innovation Symposium Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010 - Report

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SecureCHAINS event: SecureCHAINS Forum as part of Essen Innovation Symposium Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010 - Report

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Based on previous experience that security trade fairs are the most effective places to meet technology providers and users, SecureCHAINS will create 4 information exchange fora at selected security trade fairs in Europe with the aim to interlink technology providers and users in the field of high-tech security.
The first forum was implemented at Essen Security 2010 the 5th and the 6th of October as part of the “Essen Innovation Symposium 2010”. The Essen Security Innovation Symposium 2010 was staged at the international lead fair Security Essen. More visitors than in the previous years traveled to Essen from abroad: around 42,000 visitors from 113 countries obtained information in a targeted way from the 1,078 exhibitors from 38 nations.

SecureCHAINS Forum

The Security Innovation Symposium offered multifaceted presentations and discussions of relevant civil security topics. Leading experts from politics, business, industry, and research gathered in the city of Essen/Germany, the Cultural Capital of Europe 2010. In particular 34 speakers from 13 countries enquired needs for security innovation at the interface between social and cultural systems. The Symposium facilitated the creation of networks of different stakeholders and experts and aims for new civil security concepts and insights, relevant to communities and the public. Moreover, the participants discussed how security research can best provide useful results for end-users from industry and economy and combine their efforts in recent and future projects, also considering the convergence between security and safety. The Symposium was realized by the European Security Conference Initiative (ESCI), the symposium platform of the CEUSS | Center for European Security Studies at Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna.

SecureCHAINS Forum Participants

The aim of the SecureCHAINS forum was to establish a dialog between stakeholders and companies providing advanced technology, capable in filling gaps in the European Security Technology Supply Chains. Security technology covers a wide spectrum of applications, in order to perform an effective forum leading to successful results, the program preparation focused on one technology field, transportation. The Essen forum has been performed in cooperation with the regional member of the European Enterprise Network (EEN), the “Zentrum für Innovation und Technik in NRW” ZENIT. The involvement of the EEN network as partner in the execution of the forum has eased the contacting and selection of interested SMEs through the extensive EEN network for technology transfer. The two days of the fora were attended by a limited but very interested group of experts in civil security technologies. Many questions were asked in the course of the presentations. A representative of the VDI, the organization coordinating the activities of the German Program for Civil Security Research was present during both days enabling first hand answers concerning actual & planned activities as well as SMEs supporting measures in the country. Emphasis was put on the information of attending SMEs representatives about specific supporting programs. The company expressed interest in joining again on the occasion of a future call in proposals to the EC FP7 Security program. The project consortium will support these SMEs in searching for partners and the preparation of their projects.

Miguel Sousa - SecureCHAINS Coordinator - at Essen Security 2010


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