18th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) October 17-21 2011, SWISSÔTEL Chicago, Chicago, IL

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18th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS) October 17-21 2011, SWISSÔTEL Chicago, Chicago, IL

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18th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

OCT 17-21 2011. SWISSÔTEL Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

The annual ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference is a leading international forum for information security researchers, practitioners, developers, and users to explore cutting-edge ideas and results, and to exchange techniques, tools, and experiences. Academia, government, and industry are invited to present novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of computer security, as well as case studies and implementation experiences.


Pre-Conference Workshops (October 17, 2011)

Workshop on Security and Privacy in Smartphones and Mobile Devices (SPSM)

Recognizing smartphone security and privacy as the emerging area, this workshop intends to provide a venue for interested researchers and practitioners to get together and exchange ideas, thus to deepen our understanding to various security and privacy issues on smartphones. This workshop will seek presentations on a number of topics related to smartphone security and privacy, including emerging smartphone threats, rogue mobile application detection, smartphone-centric regulatory compliance issues and mechanisms, mobile application sandboxing and virtualization, and others.


Workshop on Scalable Trusted Computing (STC)

ACM STC 2011 focuses on fundamental technologies of trusted and high assurance computing and its applications in large-scale systems with varying degrees of trust. The workshop is intended to serve as a forum for researchers as well as practitioners to disseminate and discuss recent advances and emerging issues. Topics of interests include but not limited to fundamental security principles of trusted computing (root of trust, trust measurement, storage, reporting, and attestation), hardware and software based trusted computing, architecture and implementation challenges, trusted computing for cloud, trusted mobile and smartphone devices, trusted emerging digital infrastructures such as smart grid, power grid, and Internet of Things, trusted social networks.


Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES)

The need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and techniques has been widely recognized. This workshop discusses the problems of privacy in the global interconnected societies and possible solutions. The 2011 Workshop, held in conjunction with the ACM CCS 2011 conference, is the tenth in a yearly forum for papers on all the different aspects of privacy in today's electronic society. The workshop seeks submissions from academia, industry, and government presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of electronic privacy, as well as experimental studies of fielded systems. We encourage submissions from other communities such as law and business that present these communities' perspectives on technological issues.


Post-Conference Workshops (October 21, 2011)

Workshop on Security and Artificial Intelligence(AISec)

This workshop is to facilitate an exchange of ideas between these AI and Security and promote security and privacy solutions that leverage AI technologies. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to AI-informed approaches to: Spam and botnet detection, malware identification, insider threat detection, incentives in security/privacy systems, phishing, and others.


Workshop Cloud Computing Security(CCSW)

Large-scale computing and cloud-like infrastructures are here to stay. How exactly they will look like tomorrow is still for the markets to decide, yet one thing is certain: clouds bring with them new untested deployment and associated adversarial models and vulnerabilities. It is essential that our community becomes involved at this early stage. The CCSW workshop aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in all security aspects of cloud-centric and outsourced computing


Workshop on Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The ACM Workshop on Digital Rights Management is an international forum that serves as an interdisciplinary bridge between areas that can be applied to solving the problem of Intellectual Property protection of digital content. These include: cryptography, software and computer systems design, trusted computing, information and signal processing, intellectual property law, policy-making, as well as business analysis and economics. Its purpose is to bring together researchers from the above fields for a full day of formal talks and informal discussions, covering new results that will spur new investigations regarding the foundations and practices of DRM.


Workshop on Digital Identity Management (DIM)

This workshop will explore crucial issues concerning interoperable identity management technologies for the information society. With the growing spectrum of identity-enabled client devices - ranging from electronic ID cards, smartphones, TV sets, Tablets, PCs all the way to server backend and cloud services - identity management plays a critical role for the overall security, privacy and success of the emerging paradigms. Comprehensive solutions to digital identity management require addressing multiple challenges and striking the best balance between usability, security, and privacy. Existing solutions are not necessarily interoperable or complementary - and sometimes overlap. Moreover, they may not integrate well with the legacy systems that constitute majority of the state of the art. It is important to lay foundations for a holistic understanding of problem areas and establish guidelines, methodologies and tools to achieve interoperability between different solutions to foster healthy progressive adoption by industries and users. The goal of this workshop is to share the latest findings, identify key challenges, inspire debates, and foster collaboration between industries and academia towards interoperable identity service infrastructures.



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