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Projects Ideas:

Persistent Maritime and Terrestrial Surveillance Unmanned Aerial Network
PEMAT-SUAN aims to improve and accomplish the Airborne building block of border surveillance with the potential for reduced cost of operation, more autonomous and improved efficiency through the introduction of the unmanned air vehicles network. A hierarchical architecture is proposed to build a network of UAVs (drones) that, operating simultaneously and co-operating autonomously between them, will provide an early warning system as well as a precise and quick instrument to identify the target and track it.

Optimization of Energy in the railways systems
Re-thinking the Stations as centre for production of renewable energy to use in the city; management centre based on ICT tool for optimization of energy flows; Energy Production from RES; SMART Grid management; Storing unused energy; Power supply for green vehicle recharge station.

Public Events Mobility
Develop models and intervention tools in favour of a sustainable mobility to public events in a European framework; specially focused on events with deficit in the public transport offer, with barriers to pedestrian (special attention to people with reduced mobility) and cyclist accessibility.

European Fundings:

7FP People: Marie Curie ITN-EID
This call aims to improve career perspectives of early-stage researchers in both public and private sectors by providing a joint training programme which allows young researchers to enroll in a doctoral programme. Deadline: 12th January 2012

7FP Cooperation: ICT
The new ICT call finances research on the internet of the future, robotics, intelligent systems and embedded services, photonics, ICT for energy efficiency, health and welfare. Deadline: January 17th 2012

7FP Capacities: Regions of Knowledge 2012
The call aims at strengthening the research potential of EU regions by supporting regional 'research-driven clusters' associating universities, research centres, enterprises, regional authorities and other stakeholders. The focus is on RTD and innovation aspects of EU digital agenda. Deadline: 31st January 2012

Eurotransbio 7TH CALL
This call addresses applications in all fields of modern biotechnology and aims at supporting innovation and competitive research in SMEs and their strategic partnerships. Deadline: 01st February 2012

7FP People: Marie Curie IAPP
This action seeks to open and foster dynamic pathways between public research organisations and private commercial enterprises, in order to increase knowledge-sharing between the two sectors. Deadline: 19th April 2012

Regional Fundings:

Italy - Grants for research and development projects in Lazio region
The Italian Lazio Region supports SMEs in realizing R&D projects and in strengthening their investments in innovation technology. Beneficiaries can be SMEs located in the regional area also in consortium with Universities and research centers.

Belgium - MIDAS - Subsidies for technical feasibility studies in SMEs
The Subsidy is available to SMEs having an operating site, engaged in or envisaging production activities in the Wallonia region. It aims at supporting the outsourcing of technical feasibility studies to external professionals.

France - Main national scheme for collaborative R&D funding
The scheme supports basic research projects as well as industrial research projects carried out by large industries, SMEs, public bodies and academics. The funding for SMEs is up to 45% of eligible costs. Deadline: 1st quarter of each year.

UK - Grant for Research and Development
The Grant for R&D scheme supports SMEs to engage in R&D projects in strategically important areas of science, engineering and technology. Any UK SME working in any sector may apply; applications are accepted on a rolling basis for assessment.

Germany - Research and Development Grants
The grant scheme finances R&D projects focused on the federal High-Tech Strategy which defines specific industry sectors. Grant rates can reach up to 50 % of eligible project costs and higher rates may be possible for SMEs. The federal government periodically calls for R&D project proposals.

The Netherlands - Grant Promotion of Research and Development Act (WBSO)
To stimulate investment in research and development by the business community, organizations undertaking R&D actions can apply for a tax facility which entails a reduction in the wage tax and national insurance contributions to be remitted by companies.



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