SecureCHAINS at Security Research Conference 2011, 20 - 21 September Warsaw

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SecureCHAINS at Security Research Conference 2011, 20 - 21 September Warsaw

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At the EU’s sixth annual Security Research Conference (SRC11) more than 1,000 policy makers, including representative from European Parliament, European Commission and Poland’s parliament and ministries, researchers, stackholders and end users from across Europe gathered in Warsaw to debate the legal, technological and organisational issues on public safety and security.
SRC11’s technology sessions showcased innovative solutions developed at both international and national level within the frameworks of international and national projects.
EU Security Research projects range from pin-point specificity – such as hand-held equipment for earthquake rescue teams – to the wide-ranging, such as large-scale technology demonstrations to secure Europe’s external frontiers or counter threats from CBRN (chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear) materials.

Two days of the conference was organised in five plenary sessions and six parallel sessions. Prominent European speakers present the following topics:
1)Directions of security research in Europe from European Parliament, European Commission and Polish Presidency perspective;
2)Forward look at European Security Research in context of next financial perspective and Common Strategic Framework development;
3)Emerging challenges for Security in Europe.

SecureCHAINS Exhibitor of SRC 2011
At this occasion, SecureCHAINS consortium organized a specific match making actions between SMEs and relevant Stakeholders. The objective was to go beyond the usual FP7 brokerage event. In fact, the SecureCHAINS consortium aims also to enable SME to access other scopes of collaborations such as private connections with large enterprises.


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