The 2011 European Security Conference June 13-14 in Örebro, Sweden

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The 2011 European Security Conference June 13-14 in Örebro, Sweden Empty The 2011 European Security Conference June 13-14 in Örebro, Sweden

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The 2011 European Security Conference
- Exploring emergent frontiers in identity and privacy management

The 2nd European Security Conference is scheduled for June 13-14 2011 in Örebro, Sweden. The Conference is an European extension of the Annual Security Conference that has been held in Las Vegas (USA) for over a decade. The conference attracts a nice mix of participants from academia, government and industry. Co-organizers for the European 2011 event are Örebro University, Lulea Technical University, Information Institute and Virginia Commonwealth University. Administrative office for the conference is at Örebro University.

The theme of the 2011 event is identity and privacy management. With widespread use of Internet based technologies and the general virtualization of work, the manner in which individuals identify with organizations and the relation enterprises might have with individuals is evolving. Such changes are defining the manner in which privacy is handled, identity is protected and responsibility and accountability established. The 2011 European Security Conference aspires to establish a discourse in this domain.
Recommended Topics (but not limited to)

* Theoretical aspects of identity, security and privacy
* Roles and responsibilities in security management
* Challenges posed by Web 2.0 and 3.0
* Access and authentication in information based societies
* Cases in security management
* Regulatory and legal aspects of identity, privacy and security
* Ethical challenges in a networked society

Important Dates

* Submission (Extended deadline): March 18, 2011
* Notification Due: April 15, 2011
* Final Version Due: May 15, 2011
* Conference dates: June 13-14, 2011


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