Workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies (CoSec 2011) 12 December 2011, Bangaluru, India

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Workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies (CoSec 2011)  12 December 2011,   Bangaluru, India  Empty Workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies (CoSec 2011) 12 December 2011, Bangaluru, India

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Workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies (CoSec 2011)
12 December 2011, Bangaluru, India

The severity of attacks on networks and critical infrastructures are on the rise over recent years and seem to continue to do so. Surprisingly at times, many of the attacks can be individually simple yet highly damaging due to their large-scale co-ordination and polymorphic replication with continuous self-upgradation using a mix of peer-to-peer and command-and-control architectures. Conventional approaches of single-hosted security defensives are becoming increasingly less effective in the face of such sophisticated and co-ordinated multi-front attacks using bot-nets of compromised always-on, always-connected computers. In contrast, a distributed defense pattern shows promise both in terms of manageability, reduced operating costs and architectural simplicity. This broad area of defense using Collaborative Security technologies works on the principles of sharing:

- information and knowledge for accelerating detection of and response to new attacks and threats;

- resources for increasing the efficiency and reducing resource consumption.

The 3rd International workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies aims to bring to the forefront innovative approaches that involve the use of collaborative methods for security and privacy. The central theme of this workshop is to focus attention on the collaborative and intelligent approaches towards design of security systems so as to make them more robust and reliable.

Technical papers describing original, previously unpublished research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, are solicited. CoSec solicits original, high-quality research contributions in the form of full papers. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following focus areas:

- Collaborative approaches for Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Audit systems

- Collaborative approaches for enhancing User Privacy

- Collaborative defence against DDoS attacks

- Collaboration based Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

- Collaborative Identity Management

- Collaborative Vulnerability Analysis and Fraud Detection

- Collaboration in Sensor Network security

- Collaborative security for Self-Organizing Networks

- Collaborative approaches against web-based attack (phishing etc) detection and protection

- Collaborative malware detection and quarantining; e.g. based on Social Networking

- Collaborative Policies definition and enforcement across administrative boundaries

- Collaborative responsibility for Privacy enforcement of multi-domain information

- Collaborative forensics

- Collaboration within Govt. and Public Safety organizations against national security concerns

- Collaborative or Distributed security protocols

- Augmentation methods for review of Security logs and information from multiple sources

2011 Special Topics:

This year, the CoSec workshop is aiming at two special topics:

- Social Networking: Focusing on security and privacy challenges.

- Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine(M2M): Looking at security challenges in different scenarios in which IoT / M2M will come.


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