Security Engineering for Cloud Computing: Approaches and Tools

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Security Engineering for Cloud Computing: Approaches and Tools Empty Security Engineering for Cloud Computing: Approaches and Tools

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Source ----> Book Title: Security Engineering for Cloud Computing: Approaches and Tools



Cloud Engineering is a multidisciplinary method, focused on Cloud services, encompassing contributions from diverse areas such as software engineering and security engineering. The software engineering applied to Cloud computing is a fundamental aspect to obtain a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. Moreover, the incorporation of security in this engineering process, and the application of security engineering, assure us that cloud systems have been analyzed, designed, built, tested, deployed and developed of more reliable, correct, robust and secure way.
It is therefore justified the need to investigate and propose security solutions for cloud computing in order to ensure and improve the quality and security of all services, applications, tools and models based on cloud computing. This requires to analyze and to study in depth how security in software engineering can be used and managed for cloud computing. Developing and modeling security from the first phases of the development of cloud systems we can obtain cloud systems more robust and secure.

Objective of the Book

This book attempts to provide a general knowledge base on a wide range of issues related to security in software engineering oriented to cloud systems, to show the existing problems and challenges, which initiatives are carried out, to propose security approaches and any aspect of security that might be interesting both in academia and research world and business and social environments.
This book aims to provide a theoretical and academic description of Cloud security issues, methods, methodologies, models, architectures, designs, tools, services, techniques, challenges, trends for developing secure software for Cloud infrastructures, platforms, services or applications.
This focus is focused to the following:
  • Security goals, security risks, security challenges, benefits, trends and opportunities.
  • Security in development processes, agile software development, development strategies and models for Cloud computing.
  • Security approaches and models in analysis, design, implementation, verification, validation, testing and lifecycle management of Cloud systems.
  • Portability, Interoperability and Migration processes to Cloud for secure information systems.
  • Security in cases studies, real applications, implementations and specific developments of Cloud systems.

Target Audience

The proposed book could serve as a reference for CEOs and CIOs, security managers, systems specialists, systems architects, security developers, information security professionals and computer science students.


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