Euro-Mediterranenan Summit on the new technologies for urban security - 20, 21 May 2011 Genova Italy

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Euro-Mediterranenan Summit on the new technologies for urban security - 20, 21 May 2011 Genova Italy

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Euro-Mediterranenan Summit on the new technologies for urban security
20, 21 May 2011 Genova Italy


Public bodies, police forces, research centres and university, and companies focused on new technologies for security: these are the key actors involved in the first Euro-Mediterranean Summit on the New Technologies for Urban Security.
High level representatives from Italy, Europe and Mediterranean Region will be the heart of the Summit which is organised as an opportunity to meet and discuss in a constructive way.
The Summit objectives are:
  • to exchange of best practices, technologies and innovative solutions among Euro-Mediterranean countries;
  • to present the most cutting edge technologies in urban security, and assess them at the light of the need to respect individual freedoms and common interest;
  • to describe efficient answers to real needs by a better use of technologies and a better management of urban issues.


The Summit features the following sessions:

1A - Security Research: addressing and funding actions from European Commission with special attention to urban security
Chair: Alessandro Zanasi

The table speakers will present current and future European policies in Security Research and examples of European funded projects and research ideas with particular attention to what regards Urban Security.

1B - Innovation, technologies, efficiency and sustainability
Chair: Sergio Olivero

Sustainable infrastructures as an innovative paradigm to integrate the three dimensions of economic sustainability, security, and environmental care. Energy management as the major driver to create smart cities. Security as the result of an optimized use and exploitation of data and information used to manage urban contexts. The next generation ICT technologies as the enabler of an effective management of safe urban areas.

2A - New technologies to develop and implement local diagnosis for crime prevention
Chair: Gian Guido Nobili

Empirical research in Environmental Criminology has been associated to a great extent with quantitative methods of geo-coding and clustering crime data using geographic information systems (GIS) for data processing. Crime mapping has not only become an analytical tool for crime prevention, but rather a scientific discipline in itself, as crime data are not just recorded by the police to better allocate human resources, but rather to analyse hot spots, repeat victimisation and even forecasting the concentration of offending in certain areas in the future.
The innovations in mapping technologies and crime prevention theory have recently brought crime mapping to the centre of trends in crime preventions. It adds a tool for better understanding of crime and its prevention, according to the experience of many law enforcement agency, such as the famous Compstat system used by the New York Police Department. Analysts can look more closely at crime clusters and crime displacement. Careful mapping can show whether enforcement efforts have been effective and whether areas with crime concentrations are receiving proper attention. Interestingly, computer mapping may also show that crime is not a problem in a specific area.

2B - New approaches and case studies analysis in technologies for urban security
Chair: Roberto Setola

The challenges posed by the modern urban area, where several and sometime clashing interests coexist, call for innovative and multidisciplinary approaches where public actors, critical infrastructures' operators and private have to cooperate, share information and make synergy. This table aims to illustrate successfully case studies emphasizing the emerging trends.

Technology evolution: the relationship between industry and research for urban security
Chair: Rita Cucchiara

The world-wide research, the technology evolution and the new solutions off the shelf open new opportunities to analyze, solve and prevent the challenges connected with urban safety. In the panel, new emerging technologies will be discussed by very authoritative panelist coming from companies, experts of the public bodies, universities and research centers. Among the other technologies, we will discuss on tools and solution for data collection, reactive and proactive data analysis, multimedia data and video analytics for traffic safety, for people safety monitor in public areas and in private offices and home, for elderly and children, for citizen and workers.

Open laboratory for ideas, projects and initiatives related to urban security
Chair: Alessandra Risso

An interactive workshop focused on stimulating the creation of new projects and initiatives related to urban security. Companies, public authorities, universities and research centers will discuss about opportunities to build projects to be submitted for funding by European Commission as well as other funding bodies.
The delegates will also be able to initiate partnerships as well as joint initiatives such as workshops, study visits and exchange of good practices.


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