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Post  Joana Soares on Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:54 pm

Is available to public the SecureCHAINS database to serve as the basis for the further support activities to the European SME communities as well as to various stakeholders.

This includes providing support to new SMEs regarding proposal preparation and general market access, already for the next call of the FP7 programme.

Get connected to Supply Chain actors and Stakeholders of the Security field!

This database is a deliverable produced within the SecureCHAINS project (Integration of Security Technology Supply Chains and identification of weaknesses and untapped potential). The SecureCHAINS project has as main mission to contribute to a more competitive STSC (Security Technology Supply Chain). To reach this, the project consortium will cooperate with the industry to gain a better understanding of the nature and structure of the STSC from prime contractors to subcontractors coming from the various tiers of the supply chains.

This SecureCHAINS DATABASE is dedicated to Supply Chain actors and Stakeholders of the SECURITY field, which could be also interested to joint your project, or to take you in their projects. By selecting search criteria, you will get a list of organisations that fits your search (example: country, security mission, type of organization).

Register now to have access to all the benefits of being part of SecureCHAINS database!

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