Results of the SecureCHAINS Forum part of SECUREX 2012 in Poznań

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Results of the SecureCHAINS Forum part of SECUREX 2012 in Poznań Empty Results of the SecureCHAINS Forum part of SECUREX 2012 in Poznań

Post  J. Cornier on Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:08 am

The SecureCHAINS forum offers a dialog between stakeholders and companies providing advanced technology, capable in filling gaps in the European Security Technology Supply Chains.
The forum was organized by vdlconsult, a member of the SecureCHAINS project.

The participation of the Research Execution Agency (REA) of the European Commission provided information regarding the security research program.

SECUREX, International Security Fair is the largest and most prestigious security industry trade fair in Poland and Central Europe. It takes place every second year and presents a comprehensive offer of the leading providers of products and services for the protection of property, information, alarm systems, CCTV monitoring and security. It is also a venue for innovative solutions and technological innovations. It was held from 23rd to 26th April.

Strong marketing effort leading to…
Based on the experience of the two first fora at Essen, Germany (October 2010) and at Birmingham, UK (May 2011) emphasis was put on marketing and information effort in view of attracting exhibitors to attend the SecureCHAINS Forum on 26.04.12. Especially we arranged for an Information stand (booth) at the exhibition hall presenting the forum to the exhibitors and visitors.

Both on the website and newsletter of the fair information about the Forum was provided in English and Polish. Answering an intensive mailing sixteen experts (incl. nine from companies) registered online for the Forum. The final information campaign was performed by walking the floor of the exhibition and talking to selected companies, preferably SMEs.

15 companies completed the SecureCHAINS “Partner profile fiche” and manifested interest in the EC FP7 Research Program and will receive the latest information on the next call.

...a successful SecureCHAINS Forum
More than 20 representatives attended the Forum presentations.

The program focused on the fields relevant to the polish industrial technology provider: for example the “Future Technology Demands for Security” as seen by the Police Academy in Szczytno and the capabilities provided by space technology in relation to security highlighted by Astri Polska. Besides the focused technology presentations, an introduction to the SecureCHAINS project and an overview regarding the FP7 security program was given.

Since it is the main objective of the SecureCHAINS project to identify gaps in the security technology supply chain a presentation was dedicated to this issue. The vdlconsult presentation was based on the SecureCHAINS project deliverable D2.5 “Weak spots identification” prepared by project partner tecnalia.

The forum closed with presentations on the services provided by the EU Framework Programs Regional Contact Points (RCP) presented by the local polish RCP (the Poznań Science and Technology Park of the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation).

The dialog with exhibitors and participants to the Forum exposed a high interest for participation in the FP 7 security projects. The follow up activities of the project will work to satisfy this demand.

In this context the offer for support, presented by the Regional Contact Point (RCP) at the end of the Forum, needs to be underlined. First serious discussion between participating SMEs and RCP took place on that occasion.

J. Cornier

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Results of the SecureCHAINS Forum part of SECUREX 2012 in Poznań Empty Last FP7 Security call is approaching...

Post  Joana Soares on Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:51 pm

As presented by Mrs. Agnieszka Marciniak, in the Poznan SecureCHAINS forum, is approaching the last FP7 Security call.

2013 Security Call is under preparation, but it has the highest budget for FP7 Security.

For more information about this opportunity please see the presentation in the SecureCHAINS website and also consult SecureCHAINS services area.

Joana Soares

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