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The SecureCHAINS project Empty The SecureCHAINS project

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Integration of Security Technology Supply Chains and identification of weaknesses and untapped potential

SecureCHAINS is a €1.105M multinational project funded by the European Commission. The project aims to actively involve researchers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), government institutions, major companies and big industrial enterprises to look at technologies capable of tackling a number of major topics in the field of security in Europe, such as:
• Security of citizens
• Security of infrastructures and utilities
• Intelligent surveillance and border security
• Restoring security and safety in case of crisis

The SecureCHAINS project has as a main mission to contribute to a more competitive Security Technology Supply Chains (STSC). To reach this, the project’s consortium will cooperate with the industry to gain a better understanding of the nature and structure of the STSC from prime contractors to subcontractors coming from the various tiers of the supply chains.
The SecureCHAINS project will identify and evaluate the potential of all the layers and associated actors involved on the STSC and will enable the actors’ to get access to the identified main stakeholders and integrators. The consortium will also promote a common communication platform. This approach will cover both civil security and defence technologies in an integrated approach in order to understand to what extent the two sectors overlap and how the experience from the defence market can be transferred into the security market and vice-versa. Therefore, this project aims for the definition, adoption, testing and validation of a methodology able to help the European Organisations to obtain a higher integration within the STSC.


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